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General Questions

Do I need to register to upload or download files?

No, you do not need to register for a free account to upload or download files from us, but we highly recommend that you register so that you can easily manage and share the files that you upload.

How long will my uploaded files be stored on your servers?

There is currently no time limit on the storage of uploaded files. In the future, if it becomes necessary to remove any files, we will notify you in advance at the e-mail address that you used to register for a free or paid account. Any files removed would be on an as-needed basis and would apply to older and less frequently downloaded files first.

Can I use this service to backup files?

Our service was designed to host files to share with others. We do not recommend that you use it to backup unique copies of files that cannot be replaced if they should become inaccessible on our servers for any reason.

How secure is your serice for hosting sensitive or confidential files?

The files you upload to our servers are private unless you choose to share them with others.

Uploading Questions

Can I upload a folder from my computer?

Web browsers do not currently support uploading a folder of files, but you can individually select and upload them to our servers.

What file types can I upload?

We currently support most file types as long as they comply with our Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service. Do not upload any copyrighted files that you don't own the rights to or don't have permission from the owner to distribute even if you have no intent of actually distributing them.

Downloading Questions

How do I download files?

In order to download a file from us, you must access the file from the unique download URL that was provided to the person who uploaded the file. A download URL looks like, but each file has its own unique download URL.

What happens if I upload a file and lose the download URL for that file?

If you upload a file and create a free or paid account or log into your acount before uploading a file, then that file will appear on your "My Files" page. If you don't create a free account or log into your account before you upload a file, then unfortunately you'll need to upload the file again. We highly recommend that you create a free or paid account so you can easily manage the files you upload to us.

How many files can I download at one time?

Unlike most competing sites, we support an unlimited number of simultaneous downloads.


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